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Expertise in real world data
Evidence strategy
OXON helps clients to identify and fill in the data gaps for their products in the pre-and post approval phases.
We work with clients, based on their strategy, using the appropriate components illustrated bellow:
To define and fill data gaps during the product cycle To define and fill data gaps during the product cycle
We provide the highest quality appropriate interpretation presented apropriately for the target audience.
We help decision making for clients in development and post-marketing phases by building appropriate decision models.
Our expertise of the review, synthesis and integration of data and information is of the highest standard:
Senior members of OXON have co-authored (x7) Lancet, (x1) JAMA and (x3) BMJ publications of individual-participant and grouped data meta-analyses of epidemiological studies and trials
A senior member of OXON was the founding co-ordinating editor of the Cochrane Dementia Group
A senior member of OXON is chief editor of the international clinical textbook 'Evidence-based Dementia Practice'. published by Blackwells, Oxford. We are leading an initiative in ENCePP at the EMA on data integration, the first task of which will be a guidance document on the conduct of data integration of observational studies, with leading academic epidemiologists and regulators in Europe.
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