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Expertise in real world data
Data Integration
Of epidemiological, safety, PRO, health economic & trial data. Using, direct and indirect meta-analysis & individual-patient data
OXON conducts systematic reviews and meta-analysis of epidemiological, registry, safety, PRO, health economic & trial data to support:
  • Prevalence estimates for orphan drug applications
  • Submission of drugs during the integrated safety summary in the CTD
  • Disease models
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Combination of data from different patient registries
  • Direct and indirect meta-analyses to support cost-effectiveness models
  • Aggregate and individual-person data meta-analysis
Aggregate and individual-person data meta-analysis
Senior members of OXON have co-authored (x7) Lancet, (x1) JAMA and (x3) BMJ publications of individual-participant and grouped data meta-analyses of epidemiological studies and trials.
A senior member of OXON is leading an initiative in ENCePP at the EMA on data integration for safety, the first task of which will be a guidance document on the conduct of data integration of observational studies, with leading academic pharmacoepidemiologists and regulators in Europe.
One of our consultants is a world renowned academic medical statistician with experience of the methodological and statistical aspects of data integration.
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