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Expertise in real world data
Database studies
OXON provides a full service for database studies to meet client needs:
Retrospective and hybrid studies of medical record data
We have experience of the following medical databases:
  • UK: THIN (Two members of OXON are on the Scientific Research Committees to review protocols), Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)
  • France: CSD Patient Data, Mediplus
  • Germany: CSD Patient Data, Mediplus
  • Italy: CSD Patient Data, Pedianet
  • Holland: PHARMO, IPCI, PALGA
  • Austria: Mediplus
  • Spain: Local/regional databases, existing registries
  • USA: IHCIS, GE Medical, Pharmetrics, Kaiser
  • Hospital databases: England, Spain, Canada, Australia, Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile)
Senior people at OXON have previously worked at THIN and at MHRA with GPRD and currently serve as members of the THIN Scientific Research Committee, which reviews protocols.
As we also conduct field studies and studies based on chart review, we advise clients frankly on the advantages and disadvantages of their study options.
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