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Why Oxon
OXON provides global reach with an 8-year alliance with a top tier global CRO for local country operational support for European and global studies. This CRO supports local country study start-up activities, clinical monitoring and site management through experienced local country staff. We have collaborated on multi-country and multi-continent epidemiological field studies for European, North American, South American and Asian epidemiological projects for big, medium and small pharma on both sides of the Atlantic.

The alliance brings together a team that is strong in scientific, technical and logistical aspects for epidemiological studies, with harmonized procedures. Our CRO partner is functionally integrated with OXON for clinical support services for any on-site requirements. Our CRO partners global reach covers 27 offices around the globe, and CRAs, CTAs and remote monitors with experience in the operational conduct of national and international late phase studies.

OXON has also an agreement with two qualitative research companies to support cognitive testing and validation of questionnaires/ additional risk minimisation materials in countries, which are developed by OXON
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